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As with any investment, choosing to work with a professional commercial cleaning company for your commercial cleaning services is one that any business owner should carefully consider. You always have the option of grabbing some cleaning supplies and attempting to clean the entire building yourself, but is that really an efficient use of your time and energy? Of course, that is still better than neglecting the cleaning altogether, which is an unfortunate choice that some business owners have chosen.

How much time do you spend at your business every week? It’s probably more than 40 hours and that’s just for you in one week! What about through the course of an entire month? And what about the time that all of your employees spend there as well? Those numbers start to add up and have a significant impact on the cleanliness of the building.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that cleaning is something to do to maintain a professional appearance. Washing windows and vacuuming the floor isn’t really enough to keep your environment clean, safe, and productive. Gentle Giant and our premier Sydney commercial cleaning services understand this, which is why we are always the recommended choice for any business. Here are a couple of benefits that come from working with our professional Sydney office cleaners.
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Our Commercial Cleaning Services Cover All Areas Your Property With Complete Professionalism

Return To Work In A Clean Environment.

Industrial cleaning services can help you and your workers quickly return to work after a long weekend. Whether large or small, our CCS cleaning service has the knowledge and experience to get your offices back in tip top shape. We use only the latest technology to remove everything from carpet and upholstery stains to mould and mildew in kitchen and bathroom areas.

Our commercial cleaning company leaves nothing behind. Gentle Giants janitorial services will properly dispose of all leftover waste, transport materials where they need to be according to current industry standards and remove any debris from smooth service floors, carpets, desks to windows. All surfaces will be cleaned, mopped, wiped down or vacuumed.


We Have You Covered: Our Commercial Cleaning Sydney Covers Everything From Janitorial Services To Office Cleaning.

If you have been searching for a professional commercial cleaning company near you, then you can see there are quite a few options out there.  What sets Gentle Giant Office Cleaning Sydney apart from others is our attention to detail. Cleanliness is not just about outward appearance. Safety and cleanliness happen to be very closely related.

If your office building isn’t clean, then chances are it isn’t safe either. A professional cleaning company like Gentle Giant can help ensure the safety of everyone who works inside your building and visitors who visit the building by making sure your place of business is not just clean in appearance but sanitized as well. Our commercial cleaning services will make sure your building is as clean as possible for anyone who steps foot in it.

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Why Worry About Having Your Commercial Building Clean?

There are two primary ways in which the cleanliness of your building affects its safety. The first is in relation to germs and bacteria. Consider the number of people who use your building and the number of germs they can pass around in a single day. An area like the office can become a breeding ground. Other rooms tend to be even more dangerous.

The lobby in your building is likely the most trafficked area, which means it’s also home to the most germs and bacteria. Not only the germs of your workers but of the visitors as well. Keeping this area professionally cleaned and sanitized with the help of our commercial cleaning services in Sydney is extremely important for the safety of those workers and visitors.

Areas like the kitchen, elevator, and bathroom need special attention as well. Our professional Sydney janitorial services will make certain that those areas stay clean and sanitized on a regular basis.

The second way in which the cleanliness of a building affects safety is through the general clutter. A work area that is untidy can lead to accidents. In some cases, those accidents will result in injury. This is especially important if your work site is a place with machinery. Keeping your building clean with our commercial cleaning services can actually prevent injuries and for some industries, can save lives.

With So Many Commercial Cleaning Companies, Why Choose Gentle Giant?

Sydney has quite a few cleaning companies to choose from. The good news is that if you choose Gentle Giant, you will never regret it! When you can rely on a single company for your entire commercial and office cleaning needs, things tend to work out better in the long run. A business that offers professional carpet cleaning, pressure washing and flood restoration services along with commercial building cleaning services is the preferred option for many companies in the Sydney area.  Give us a call today to discover how we can help you get that cleaner office.

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